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Jul 21, 2020 However, when I hit Check for Update from Bridge Menu, the Adobe Auto Updater started and prompted me to upgrade to Adobe Bridge CS5 4.0.2. Version 4.0.2 is the prior version on my Mac before applying the new upgrade to 4.0.3. If I hit Update, Adobe Auto Updater will download Bridge CS5 4.0.2 and install fail. Play bridge on Mac Download the Funbridge application for Mac for free to play bridge online and compare yourself to other bridge players.

After years of bringing you the very best bridge-related MAC links, we are happy to report that technology has finally come to a place where all platforms are able to access most bridge services online.


Most online bridge clubs now use a browser-based interface for online play. This is great not only for people with Macs and other operating systems, but also because it does not require users to download software – you can play at the library, or in an internet cafe, and at home you don’t need to worry about updates and viruses. The new term for this kind of functionality is ‘in the cloud’. You can now play bridge ‘in the cloud’. (see footnote).

See our Great Bridge Links Online Play webpage for listings of Online Bridge Clubs.


BRIDGE PRO: V4.1 – Bridge Pro claims to be the most advanced, affordable contract rubber bridge computer card game on the market today has been offering the free demo for almost twenty years. It plays on all Windows platforms and any Mac OS X 10.9 system and above.

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BRIDGE BARON – The most popular bridge playing software available to the Mac is Bridge Baron from Great Game Products which has just released its latest version, 25.Click here to download a free trial version.

Many bridge software programs, and learning CDs, are both PC and MAC capable. See our Bridge Software webpage for listings. or visit our sister site, Gifts & Supplies for Card Players


Visit our Bridge Apps page to find apps which play on iPhone


Convention card software has always been something lacking for Mac owners. However, these days there are convention card services online where you are able to create your card ‘in the cloud’ and print it out whenever you need it. You can keep various versions and notes as well. Visit our Bridge Bidding page for more information on Convention Cards



Cloud computing is Internet-based (“cloud”) development and use of computer technology (“computing”). The cloud is a metaphor for the Internet (based on how it is depicted in computer network diagrams) and is an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it conceals.[1] It is a style of computing in which IT-related capabilities are provided “as a service”,[2] allowing users to access technology-enabled services from the Internet (“in the cloud”)[3] without knowledge of, expertise with, or control over the technology infrastructure that supports them.[4] According to a 2008 paper published by IEEE Internet Computing “Cloud Computing is a paradigm in which information is permanently stored in servers on the Internet and cached temporarily on clients that include desktops, entertainment centers, table computers, notebooks, wall computers, handhelds, sensors, monitors, etc.”[5] (Source: Wikipedia)


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When the download of the app is complete, follow the installation steps. You will find Funbridge in your 'Applications' folder. Tip: To make sure you find the app more easily, drag and drop it to your desktop using your mouse.
Double-click the Funbridge icon to play your first game of bridge online!

Play your first deal

When launching Funbridge for the first time, you can:

  • Learn to play bridge thanks to our introductory module, which is perfect for beginners as well as players who simply want to return to bridge at their own pace after a break.
  • Play your first deal if you already know bridge rules.
At the end of your first deal, you will be invited to enter a username to be identified in the app rankings and thus be able to see how you compare with other players.
Tip: With Facebook Login, log in to the app with just a few taps!Bridge For Mac
Then you will access the main screen of the app and receive 100 deals

Bridge Game For Mac

to try our various game modes.

Mac Bridge Cam

Find out more about our numerous game modes

Our game modes are split into three categories:

Bridge For Mac Free Download

  • Play a tournament: This is the 'competition' mode of the app. You can get ranked and pit yourself against other bridge players.
  • Get started/Practise: To learn bridge, practise and progress quickly.
  • Challenge a player: Challenge your friends or other bridge players belonging to the Funbridge community in quick head-to-head tournaments.