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First, I am posting in this forum because I need help for a problem that I think only experienced photographers could answer, even though I don't use Aprerture (or iPhoto).
I borrowed a friend's EOS-1D Mark II and shot using the camera raw format. My Mac could see the files and even open them in Preview. I am using PShop CS3 on a Mac running 10.5. Because of this, I have to use Adobe DNG converter so I could open them in Photoshop. I cannot afford to upgrade either the OS or Photoshop right now.
I decided to start shooting in the raw format with my EOS Rebel T2i. I formatted an SD card and changed the camera's settings to shoot RAW. When I moved the files to my Mac to open them, instead of thumbnail previews, I saw 'exec' icons, even though the file extension says .CR2. I tried to convert them with DNG Converter, and it said there were no recognizable files to convert. I changed the setting in the camera to save the file as both a RAW and jpeg file. The CR2 file was still not recognized, but the jpeg is.
I thought installing 'RAW Camera Update 2.7' from Apple's website would solve the problem. (Currently, 'RAW Camera Update 2.1.2' is in my Library.) The problem is that ver. 2.7 requires either Aperture or iPhoto 9, or my Mac won't install it. I don't think the issue is with the 3rd party software, because the Mac 'sees' the image files taken with the Mark II, but not the T2i.
I am stumped.

MacBook Pro 2.4 GB, Mac OS X (10.5.7)

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Cr2 To Jpg For Mac
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