Flick Shot 2 For Mac

Flick Shoot 2 is a soccer game of the sort that abounds on touchscreen devices: the ones where you do free kicks using your fingertip as your football boot.
On Flick Shoot 2 you'll find six different game modes such as challenge, arcade, time attack, and sudden-death mode. Gameplay in all of them is about the same: slide your finger in the direction and with the power you want to try to send the ball where you want it.
In some game modes you'll have to take penalties, while in other modes your objective will be to simply score goals (preferably for the team) or get around barriers. Whatever the gameplay, players of Flick Shoot 2 will always have their eyes set on the goal.
Among the customization settings you'll find the option to change how your player looks, as well as his kit. You can also choose different balls, each with their own specific features.
Flick Shoot 2 is a very good soccer game that manages to accomplish a very hard feat: to stand out in a crowded genre thanks to a mechanic that works and noteworthy graphics.
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Flick Shot 2 For Macbook Air

Flick Shot 2 For MacRequirements

Find Flick Shoot 2 for windows 7/8/8.1/MAC/PC. Click on the install button; This will take you to the official Google play page of Flick shoot 2. Accept the terms and conditions and then start the download process. Within minutes, the game will be downloaded on your system. That’s it, you have successfully downloaded flick shoot for your system.

Requires Android 2.3 or above

Flick Shot 2 For Macbook Pro

Click through listed below download option to begin with downloading the Flick Shoot Us.APK to your PC for those who do not find the app from google play store. How to Install Flick Shoot Us for PC: 1. Download BlueStacks Android emulator for PC with the link provided in this web site. Improved 3D graphics, animations, physics and Flick shoot control for the best free kick experience Flick Shoot 2 is playable in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish! To discover more you have to download this wonderful game and start playing on your PC or Mac.