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Hikvision iVMS 4200 for Mac is a versatile client software for multiple Hikvision system types including video surveillance, video intercom, access control, license plate recognition, people counting, heat mapping and more. The software can connect to online Hikvision devices and provide multiple functionalities, including real-time live view, alarm monitoring, video recording, video content.

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Technology has delivered us a plethora of luxuries and it goes without saying that they make our lives so easy. In addition to convenience, technology can make our lives securer as well. In other words, we can use technology to protect our home and office from thefts and burglaries. The best example of such an approach is the iVMS-4500 app. In fact, iVMS-4500 is a powerful app that is preliminary developed for mobile phones. That means, there was no official version of iVMS-4500 for PC.

Although iVMS-4500 doesn’t have an official version for PCs, you can get it installed on a computer with a little bit of effort. As a matter of fact, you can use iVMS-4500 in both Windows and Mac systems by using a couple of tweaks. With that said, the purpose of this article is to explain how to use iVMS-4500 on Windows and Mac.

  • The iVMS-4200 Mac version is designed for a Mac system. It features real-time live view, playback, E-Maps, and alarm processing modules. Compatible with Hikvision devices, it meets critical requirements for small-sized projects, such as small supermarkets, apartment buildings, and much more.
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  • IVMS-4500 for PC – Free Download on Windows XP/7/8/10 & Mac Technology has delivered us a plethora of luxuries and it goes without saying that they make our lives so easy. In addition to convenience, technology can make our lives securer as well. In other words, we can use technology to protect our home and office from thefts and burglaries.

Features of iVMS-4500 App

Before we learn how to install iVMS-4500 on your laptop or computer, it is better to get an idea about its features. Mentioned below are those features for your reference.

  • Offering live view for up to 16 cameras (can also be recorded channels).
  • iVMS-4500 app can manage up to 256 devices that come under the Hikvision brand.
  • It offers camera control with functions like Zoom, Tilt, and Pan.
  • Loaded with preset activation (prepositioned).
  • It can take snapshots as well as mobile recording.
  • It can playback recorded videos.
  • Perform monitoring on local devices.
  • Monitoring devices remotely.

Basically, this app can monitor each camera remotely and it is done through the internet. Also, you get the total control of the movements and position of the cameras and more importantly, it can be done with a simple tap using a finger.

The app timeline of iVMS-4500 gives you convenient access to the footages that are already recorded. As a result, you can playback all the recordings and determine if anything important has taken place.

iVMS-4500 for PC – Free Download on Windows XP/7/8/10 & Mac

Ok. Now it’s time to get to the main point of this article. How to download iVMS-4500 for Windows or Mac? In fact, the process is not difficult at all as long as you follow the steps correctly.

Anyway, you must be aware of a couple of things before using this app on your PC or the Mac and all those things are covered in the steps given below.

Please note that you are required to use an Android emulator to use the iVMS-4500 app on a Mac or Windows. Nox, Xamarin, Bluestacks, etc. are good examples for reputed Android emulators for your PC.

As per the research we did, Bluestacks works great on Macs as well. However, if you already have used a different emulator and find it to be effective, you can use it as well. In this example, we will use Bluestacks.

#1 Download An Android Emulator (Bluestacks)

The first step to install iVMS-4500 on your Computer is installing a good emulator. As mentioned before, we take Bluestacks as an example.

You don’t have to pay anything to download and use Bluestacks because it is totally free. You can visit their official website and get it downloaded easily.

#2 Install The Emulator

Now, install the emulator that is downloaded. If you have chosen Bluestacks as we suggested, the installation process is very simple.

You can follow the onscreen instructions the app provides to complete the installation process. Once the installation is completed, it works as a virtual Android device on top of the Windows computer.


#3 Download iVMS-4500 App

Now that your virtual Android device is ready on your computer, it’s time to download the iVMS-4500 App. However, as we have mentioned above, there is no official iVMS-4500 app developed for Windows or Mac. Instead, we are going to use their Android version on the virtual Android platform created on your PC.

Since the emulator downloaded and installed works as an Android interface, you should follow the regular drill to find and install iVMS-4500 APK. That means you should open the Google Play Store app on the emulator interface and search for iVMS-4500.

Ivms for mac 10.15

Once the app is found, just install it as you would do with your Android tab or smartphone. The same APK and be downloaded using a third-party website as well. But we suggest that downloading it through Google Play Store is easier and safer.

If you have already downloaded the iVMS-4500 app through a third-party website, it may take a little bit of extra effort as you have to do it manually. So, just stick with the Play Store. Once the app is installed on the emulator, the app icon will appear on the screen.

How To Use?

You can now launch the iVMS-4500 app by tapping (clicking) on the icon. Once the app is opened, you can do the configuration work and set it up to match your requirements. If you want to view Live Footage on a camera, all you have to do is to tap on the respective camera so it will play.

So, that’s how to install the iVMS-4500 app. You can now start to record and monitor videos in real-time with your computer. In fact, monitoring the iVMS-4500 app through a computer is easier because the screen is bigger and the controlling is convenient with the mouse.

To make this process a success, your computer must have the minimum specifications required by the emulator. Some low-end computers may not support emulators to run smoothly.

Ivms For Macbook Air

Final Thoughts

Download Ivms 4200 For Windows 10

Now that you know how to setup iVMS-4500 for PC as well as for Mac, it’s time to enjoy the features. In fact, by installing an emulator, you have converted your computer into a large Android smartphone. So, you can use the same emulator to enjoy other Android apps on your computer, be it a PC or a Mac. Such a method can be very handy especially when it comes to playing games.