Logic 9 For Mac Lion

Logic 9 For Mac Lion

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NOTE: Mac Mountain Lion 10.8 and later do not support running in 32-bit mode. Click on the Apple menu and then choose About This Mac. In the window that opens, choose More Info. When Logic is installed, both the 32-bit and the 64-bit version of the DAW is included in the installation. Prior to opening the program, the user can.


Due to major lags, crashes, and unresponsiveness, Logic Pro application is quickly becoming a pain to use on Mac machines. The issues are more clearly visible on Mountain Lion 10.8 operating system.

Before we look at the common complaints, here are a couple of facts for the uninformed: Logic Pro 9.1.7 update was released this year in the month of March, and July saw the release of Apple’s new Mountain Lion OS. But users who upgraded to Mountain Lion immediately regretted their decision as Logic Pro didn’t work well on this OS.

Many users patiently waited for Apple to release an update to Logic Pro.

Finally, Logic Pro update — version 9.1.8 — landed on the streets, but it didn’t bring anything that could fix the dangling issues users were experiencing on the previous version. Logic Pro still crashes, freezes and sometimes the UI goes bonkers.

Some of the common complaints are as follows:

  • Gestures stops working.
  • Interface becomes unresponsive.
  • Consumption of resources.
  • Cursor disappears magically.
  • App quits after launch.
  • Major lag in UI after a while.
  • Stuck in playback mode.
  • Stops responding to commands.
  • Inconsistencies with automation data.
  • Third-party plugins do not work.
  • Some missing audio drivers.
  • Crashes during big sessions.

Logic 9 For Mac Lion Download

The video below reveals the unresponsiveness of Logic Pro 9.18 on Mac Pro 2009 model:

If you are running big sessions on Logic Pro, then know that running Logic Pro on 32-bit mode restricts the RAM usage to around 3GB, while running in 64-bit mode lifts the restrictions and lets the application use more RAM, if available.

Logic Pro For Os X 10.7.5

Apart from that — unfortunately — there’s nothing one can do to fix all these issues, but we hope Apple pushes another update to Logic Pro as soon as possible.

Logic 9 For Mac Lion Tamer

Available at $199 in the Mac App Store, Logic Pro makes editing, remixing, recording audio easier, and it’s probably one of the best app made for musicians — wish Mountain Lion users could agree to that.

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Logic Pro Os X Lion

Any major complaints we missed out? Are you facing similar issues on Logic Pro? Feel free to drop your comments in the comment section below!

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