Make A Bootable Disk For Mac

  1. Make A Boot Disk For Mac
  2. How To Make A Bootable Disk For Mac Os

Many users have faced issues while installing an Operating System on their personal computers. And one of the major reason for this is the need of a Bootable Disc/Disk. A Bootable Disc/Disk contains the setup files of an Operating System which boot automatically when the computer starts.

Make A Boot Disk For Mac

Make A Bootable Disk For Mac


CreateMake A Bootable Disk For Mac

How To Make A Bootable Disk For Mac Os

How to make a bootable disk for macbook pro

Open Disk Copy from the hard drive's Utilities folder found in the Applications folder. Go to the Image menu and select 'New Image from Device' (In Mac OS X 10.2.3, go to File menu, select New and from the submenu select Image from Device) You will need to click on the triangles to the left of the devices to find the device with CDROMMODE1. In order to Create Bootable USB for Mac on Windows 10 with DiskMaker X 6, first, you have to install macOS High Sierra or lower version of mac on VirtualBox or VMware on Windows 10. Once you installed macOS 10.13 High Sierra follows the below steps and create a Bootable USB for mac on Windows 10. Make a bootable installer drive: The quick way There’s a free app called Install Disk Creator that you can use to make the installation drive. It has been updated to support High Sierra.

  1. A blank CD/DVD.
  2. Mac OS X
  3. Image file of Operating System. Usually it is .ISO


  1. Locate the image file. Right click on it. Open With, DiskImageMounter.
  2. Go to Spotlight and search for Disk Utility.
  3. Put the CD/DVD in the optical drive of your Mac.
  4. Right click on the image file in Disk Utility and click on Burn ISO.
  1. The image files will start writing on the disc and soon you will have a bootable disc/disk.

Testing The Disc/Disk

Before testing the disc, make sure that the Optical Drive is on the top of the list in the boot order. To check the boot order, go to your computer’s BIOS settings. For each computer this is different, depending on the manufacturer.

Just search Google or try pressing F2 or F4 or F8 or F12 when your computer boots.

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