Nokia Isync For Mac

Delete 9500 from isync 4. Turn out bluetooth on mac and 9500 5. Close isync on mac THEN I DID: 1. Connect mac and 9500 per bluetooth 2. Put and doubleklick 9500 to isync 3. Try isync (it will not function but writing the message to install isync agent on phone) 4. The application extends the abilities of the built in iSync application of Mac OS X, so that iSync is able to synchronise with more than 295 additional cell phones from LG, Motorola, Nokia. Nokia iSync Plugin is a complement for iSync 2.4 that allows the synchronization of a variety of information between a cell phone from this manufacturer and a Mac. If your phone model is compatible with the application, you'll be able to synchronize the important dates. The application 'Phone Director' allows me to download and backup the contacts in my Nokia, but I hope Nokia will help Apple put 6820 support into iSync, and perhaps into Nokia Collector as well.

I want to upgrade my mobile/cell phone, but it needs to be compatible with iSync (version 2.1.1) so that I can move/backup my data easily.
I found the following page on the apple web-site that apparently lists all compatible devices:
However, loads of the new phones are missing - for example the Motorola PEBL (V6). I have the Motorola RAZR (V3) at the moment, which sinks perfectly via bluetooth. Does this mean the V6 will work, even though it isn't listed?
Is there a way of finding out which devices will be supported in the future?? The list contains many from the 'big three' (Nokia, Motorola and Sony-Ericsson), but many of their new models are not listed.
I really don't want to order a new phone (with a 12 month contract) that will never be supported.
Any help greatfully received.

Nokia Isync For Mac

GLOBAL – Nokia is constantly making improvements to its software to bring new features and bug fixes. There are a number of ways you can download this software. One of these is to use Nokia Software Updater that, until now, has only been available for PCs. Nokia Beta Labs [which has had a rather nice redesign] now bring us the Mac version, for people using a computer of the fruit-flavoured variety.
Updates are often delivered to the phone over-the-air (OTA) which means you don’t need to find your USB cable and attach your phone to your computer. However, updates are often huge, and so could accrue large data costs, depending on your contract. To avoid these costs, a better way of updating your phone is using a computer and Nokia Software Updater.

As we mentioned in our intro, Nokia has so far only provided the necessary software for people with a Windows PC. So anybody using another system such as a Apple Mac had no choice but to download updates OTA. But that’s not the case anymore.

Download the Nokia Software Updater for Mac (NSU) and install it, leaving it in your applications folder for later as it’s a good idea to make a back up of your personal data before you go ahead and update. This is beta software and unexpected things could happen – wait for the full release if this makes you nervous.

Nokia isync for mac computers

To get a backup, use iSync. There are phone model-specific plug-ins for your Mac’s iSync application available for download from the Nokia support pages, so making use of that will ensure you’ve got a copy of any contacts and calendar items.

Screenshot of iSync

Now back to the NSU. Plug in the USB cable into your Mac and the other end into your Nokia N8 selecting Ovi Suite on the phone if asked (yes, even though you haven’t got Ovi Suite on your Mac). Find the NSU icon in your applications folder and select it to load the program.

The update process is really very simple. NSU will automatically find your device as it loads up, show you the device you’ve got connected on the left hand side and the updates available – if any – in the central pane on the program. If there’s an update available, press the install button on the right to continue or exit if you decide you don’t want to update.

Screenshot of NSU for Mac

Nokia Isync For Mac Windows 10

Accidentally unplugging the cable, or shutting down your Mac while the software is loading can cause serious problems with your phone, so it’s probably a good idea to step away from the phone and the computer as you don’t want to interrupt the process. Just in case.

Nokia Isync For Mac

Update complete, all that’s left now is to wait until NSU tells you it’s finished. As part of the beta programme, the application will ask you to share your thoughts about the program to help future developments, by asking:

Answer a few questions about your experience, to help us make your next update even better

You don’t have to of course, but it’s always nice to let developers know where they’re going right, or wrong.

At the moment, the NSU for Mac doesn’t support all devices, but does support a large number of phones: Nokia N8, N97 mini, C7, 6730 Classic, 5800 XpressMusic and many more, just check the installation instructions for the full list.

Got a Mac and a Nokia device? Have you updated your phone using NSU? Let us know, in the comments below.

Nokia Isync For Mac Computers

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