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To begin, you will need to download Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac to your Mac Pc. Then, connect the Nokia device to the computer using USB cables. When you launch the program, the photos will automatically appear in the program. You will also notice that there are several options for you at the bottom of the window.

  • Just click the free Nokia Suite download button at the above of this article. Clicking this link will begin the installer to download Nokia Suite free for PC. Q: Is this Nokia Suite will work normally on any Windows? The Nokia Suite for PC will functions normally on most present Windows OS.
  • Nokia pc suite for mac free download - LG PC Suite for Mac, Zip Mac Files For a PC, Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac 7.0.3 Update, and many more programs.
  • Free download Nokia MacSuite Nokia MacSuite for Mac OS X. Nokia MacSuite - With MacSuite you can manage data in your Nokia 9110 Communicator with your Mac; you can for example: Retrieve your contacts data from the communicator, edit and update it.
  • Combinatorial Game Suite 1.0 for Mac can be downloaded from our website for free. The program is also known as 'CGSuite'. Cgsuite-1.0.dmg is the most frequent filename for this application's installer. This free software for Mac OS X was originally developed by Aaron Siegel. The most popular version among the application users is 1.0.
Use the Nokia PC Suite via Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop

I can't speak for VPC but the recent builds of Parallels (v2.6, b3188.0) solved this problem.

Use the Nokia PC Suite via Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop

Yes for Parallels: but Virtual PC is still at version 7.0.2 (where the Nokia USB problem exists); and it seems unlikely that there will be any updates in the future, as Microsoft sadly seems to have decided to discontinue development of the Mac version of Virtual PC (which is an excellent program, even better than the PC version!).
Anyway, it would be cool if there could be something like a 7.0.3 update which resolves all remaining problems, but maybe this is rather unlikely.
At least, Apple and Microsoft should think seriosuly about Mac OS X 10.5.x compatibility for Virtual PC 7, considering that Leopard will be available also for G4/G5 PPC Macs and that Virtual PC is a very important application for many of us.

Nokia Mac Suite For Mac Os
Use the Nokia PC Suite via Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop

Not for me and a 6610 via USB. Also my build 3188 is a version of 2.5xxx (I believe).

Use the Nokia PC Suite..not with Parallels 2.5 or Nokie 6682..

There seems to be a known issue with 66xx and PC Suite with 3188. Now when I synch my 6682 it gets 90% of the way thru and then throws an error, and does not reconnect until I reboot.
When I had 1970 [a build of 2.0] I had no problems with Parallels.
If you haven't already, you should also go to the Parallels Forums and tell them about this.
Either spawn another thread for your 6610 or look for mine. Search Nokia PC Suite.
Leo of BORG
@ some smaller .org

Use the Nokia PC Suite via Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop

Same as the comment before, I use the Nokia Pc Suite through Parallels since some months.
USB support was fixed in some old beta release and works perfectly fine here.

Use the Nokia PC Suite via Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop

I can't get either 6.82 or 6.83 to work with the C-42 cable (Windows BSOD) or Bluetooth (not found) with Parallels 3188. Very frustrating - should anyone have ideas, I'm all ears.

Use the Nokia PC Suite via Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop

Tested on Nokia 9300 (latest firmware) and connectivity cable coming free with it (DKU-2).
I just say, I should read this hint 2 days ago :) So my 100 virtual reboots, 20 cable driver installations were for nothing.
Works all fine! Can't thank enough.
(Quad G5+VPC Latest+10.4.10+Firmware latest+DKU-2 cable)
ps: Nokia bluetooth transfer speeds on pre N series are horrible, you didn't lose anything not being able to connect via bluetooth
ps2: Ever seen the quality of bluetooth stack of windows? :) Horrible, no less. Perhaps they don't include BT support for that reason. Let them don't see how horrible OS it is? lol
ps3: Based on the kernel extensions we unload (harmless), I think there were some Nokia project to support OS X out of the box (full!) and they cancelled it. The things we unload are actually related to things phone supports.

Use the Nokia PC Suite via Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop

The blog that is linked to in this hint has a BROKEN link to the file!! If anyone here that already had downloaded the file (and still has it) could possibly share it with me, that would be great! Preferably, the original hint poster. :) Thanks.

Use the Nokia PC Suite via Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop

I tried to answer to your email, but there were repeated errors in delivery; so I answer you here: sadly, I don't have that script anymore, but you could always try to email the Nokia Blog and see if they still have it...
Good luck! :-)

Nokia PC suite is a collection of software that will enable you to synchronize your Nokia mobile devices with computers that runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems. With this package you can transfer photos, music, applications, etc. You can also send SMS or can use as a modem to have an access to the internet. But unfortunately, Nokia PC suite for mac is not yet released. This application is not there for the Mac OS and the Mac users are still struggling to place a connection between their Nokia device and computer. So here we are going to see a trick that will allow you to establish a connection within your Mac system and Nokia device via Nokia PC suite.We will be using parallels to run Windows in Mac and thus connect Nokia device into your Mac PC. But you will be getting an error if your try to connect your phone to the computer and so you have to use a USB fix, which might work. Remember, use this at your own risk and we won’t bear any responsibility if anything goes wrong.


Steps to get Nokia PC suite for Mac

The following steps that let you use Nokia PC suite on Mac, need to be followed only once with utmost care.

  • First of all get the latest Parallels Desktop for Mac and install the Nokia Suite in it.
  • Now download the script and store it in your home folder and then enable the root user, if you need you can refer this article to see how to enable it.

The steps described below must be done every time you connect your phone to the Parallel.

  • Open the Terminal found in the location ‘/Applications/Utilities/’ and go to the root mode by entering ‘su’ and by hitting the return key.
  • Now give the root password that you gave while enabling it and press the return key when done.
  • Now you have to run the USB fix by typing ‘sh’ and hit the return button and you will start receiving some error logs but are negligible.
  • Type “exit” twice to get out of the root mode as well as of the Terminal.
  • Open the Parallels and start Windows and connect your phone via USB data cable and most probably, Windows will detect the connection automatically and will start installing the essential drivers and will consume few seconds.
  • Now you can open the Nokia Suite and hit the ‘Get Connected’ button.

You are done with the process of connecting your Nokia device to your PC running on Mac.

Nokia Mac Suite For Mac Os

As I said before, these steps have worked with me in different Nokia devices like N93, N73, N70, N90, E60, E61, E62, E70, 8801, etc; but we won’t bear for any responsibility for the problems that you may face (if any) while doing it. So do at your own risk and extreme care. Moreover, an assurance cannot be given for this method of accessing Nokia PC suite for Mac, since many have failed to make it work out whereas many managed to and so the entire process seems to be depending upon on many other factors too.

Nokia Care Suite For Mac Os


Hope this tutorial helps you to use Nokia PC suite for Mac. Do let me know if it worked out for you through the comments.

Nokia Mac Suite For Mac Osx

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