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One Touch Manager For Mac Catalina


The Mac OneTouch 4 Formatting Tool automatically prepares the Maxtor Manager software for installation on your Macintosh, To use the Mac OneTouch 4 Formatting Tool, Step 1: Connect your OneTouch 4 drive to your computer. A New Volume icon appears on your desktop: Step 2: Double-click the New Volume icon. The New Volume Finder window opens. One Touch 4 Lite 1 TB Hard Drives STM310004OTA3E1-RK Lite: 1TB 1024.0: USB 2.0: 7200: One Touch 4 Plus 1 TB Hard Drive STM310004OTA3E5-RK Plus: 1TB 1024.0: FireWire 400, USB 2.0: 7200: One Touch 4 Lite 1 TB Hard Disk STM310004OTB3E1-RK Lite: 1TB 1024.0: USB 2.0: 7200: One Touch 4 Plus 1 TB Hard Drives STM310004OTB3E5-RK Plus: 1TB 1024.0: USB 2. The Maxtor OneTouch drive- just press the button and your files are backed up in one simple step. It's simply the faster backup.

With slogan of my world in one touch, TCL company released a new brand-Alcatel One Touch in 2011, devoting to pursuing amazing and user-friendly products, and offering consumers simpler and happier user experience. In these several years, Alcatel didn't let us down and increasingly provide us with more surprise by producing many fast, slim and stylish phones, including idol2 ,idol2s, idol2mini, idol2minis, pops9. When you are reading this page, I guess you probably have a TCL Alcatel phone on your desk now, so which model are you using? Are you looking for some tools to export your photos, messages or some other information on your Android handset? Read below and maybe you could find something what you want.

Why you choose Amacsoft Android Manager?

One touch manager for mac os

Select One Touch Login. If prompted, tap Allow Notifications Allow. Tap Scan QR code. Tap OK to grant the app access to your iOS device's camera. Scan the QR code on your PC using your iOS device's camera. When the confirmation message appears on your iOS device, tap Done. On your PC, click Close in the One Touch Login dialog to complete setup. The Maxtor OneTouch drive- just press the button and your files are backed up in one simple step. It's simply the faster backup.

Alcatel One Touch Manager Download

If you are using a TCL Alcatel phone, thinking about how to transfer contacts, messages, photos or videos to computer, maybe you need a simple data transfering software to do the work for you. Amacsoft Android Manager or Amacsoft Android Manager for Mac, which is a comprehensive and professional recovery tool for all Android phones, can be a good choice for you to settle this problem. It features powerful backup ability and super fast recovery process that allows you to copy lost contacts, sms messages, pictures and other information from your Android phone, not to mention your Alcatel phone. Also, you don't have to worry about that maybe this tool will bother you by implanting some spyware, plug-in or something else. None of them exists in the software.

Maybe we could have a look at about what this software can do for us. At first, it helps backup all data on your phone to computer easily. Secondly, it features adding, deleting even editing function to your contact. Thirdly, it allows you to send messages to your friends or family members on contact. At last, it contains apps installing, uninstalling ability to your phone.

Process to Save Alcatel Data on Computer

Step 1. Download and install the software on your computer

Before you use it formally, a free trial version of the tool is offered below to let you go to have a try. But there are two versions, in which one is for Windows computer, while the other is for Mac OS. So you could download the suitable version and refer to the instructions to try it.

Step 2. Connect your phone to computer

Connect your Alcatel phone to computer, run the software. Next you need to turn on your phone and go into USB debugging mode. Refer to the instructions below to get into USB debugging mode:
- Tap'Settings', choose'Developer options' >tick'USB debugging'.
- Automatically, device will be detected and USB driver will be installed on your Alcatel phone.

One Touch Manager For Mac Desktop


When the detecting finishes, you will see the data showing up including the apps, music, photos, videos, book, files and contacts.

Download Manager Mac

Step 3. Copy Contacts/SMS/Photos/Videos to Computer

Alcatel One Touch Manager

Finally, you could choose all the data you want to copy, including photos, music, videos and other data. For example, if you want to copy videos at first, you could hit 'Videos' button on the top corner, by which you could export all videos or several units of videos to your computer. Also wanna copy your photos on wedding? No problem, just give a little tap of the button of 'Photos', you could find all your memory on that day.

TouchOne touch manager for macbook pro

One Touch Manager For Macbook Pro

Write in the End:

As you know, this program is not only available for TCL Alcatel phone, but also any other Android phone, like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE, LG and more. So when you need to transfer your files on your phone, you could have your faith in this Android Amacsoft Manager which can help transfer all data on your phone to computer, including contacts, sms messages, photos and other data.

One Touch Manager For Mac Shortcut

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