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Where To Buy Mac Tools

  • AutoPkg is an automation framework for macOS software packaging and distribution, oriented towards the tasks one would normally perform manually to prepare third-party software for mass deployment to managed clients. These tasks typically involve at least several of the following steps.
  • ‪Utilities & tools‬ MSIX Packaging tool enables you to repackage your existing classic applications to MSIX format. You can run your desktop application installers through this tool and obtain an MSIX package that you can install on your machine or upload to the Microsoft Store.

AlphaCorr- AlphaCorr offers an array of tools to make the design of effective corrugated, folding cartons, and displays.

Use these tools and cmdlets to create, deploy, and inventory app packages for Windows apps.

App packaging tools and guidance

Learn how to package an app, create a test certificate, and sign your app using the Command Prompt and PowerShell. For more info, see:

Alternatively, you can use Visual Studio to create and sign an app package. For more info, see Package a UWP app with Visual Studio.

Packaging Tools For Machinery

PowerShell cmdlets

Use Windows PowerShell to install, inventory, and uninstall line-of-business (LOB) Windows apps that are not Store-signed. For more info, see: Appx Module Cmdlets.

Mac Tools Jobs

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