Putty For Mac Alternative

Also PuTTY Alternative software for Mac and in Ubantu you can install it with almost same features. All these alternative software of PuTTY which can be the best option for the OS like Window, Mac or Linux for downloading. This is a user-friendly PuTTY alternative software that you can install it everywhere like in your Android, and iOS. Spackle is an application which is a Java based version of the popular PuTTY, but for Mac and Linux. Tested on: OS X 10.5.8-10.6.6, Ubuntu 10.04.2, Fedora 15, and Debian 6.0.

PuTTYgen is a tool used for generating public and private SSH keys which are its fundamental function. Though it collects keys in its own file format i.e. .ppk files, keys can also be transformed to any other file format quickly. It is available for the various operating system, i.e. Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. PuTTYgen.exe is the graphical tool on Windows OS. While on the other side, Linux OS has the only command-line version.


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PuTTYgen is used to generate public or private key pair for creating SSH keys. Below is the complete guidance about how to generate RSA key in Windows operating system:

  1. Once you install the PuTTY on your machine, you can easily run PuTTYgen. For the same, go to Windows -> Start Menu -> All Programs -> PuTTY -> PuTTYgen.
  2. You will see the PuTTY key generator dialog box on your screen
  3. You will find a “Generate” button in that dialog. Clicking on it will lead to generating the keys for you.
  4. Now you will need to add a unique key passphrase in the Key passphrase and Confirm passphrase field.
  5. Click on the “Save Public Key” and “Save Private Key” buttons to save your public and private keys.
  6. You will see the text starting with ssh-RSA in the Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file field which is located at the top of the window. Copy that entire text to your clipboard by pressing ctrl+c as you will require the key to paste on your clipboard in the public key tool of control panel or directly on the cloud server.

Various Ways to Use RSA Key Pair

RSA key pair generated through PuTTYgen is used in two various ways defined as below:

  1. To assign while creating a new cloud server
    You can choose the public key from the given list of keys at the time of creating cloud server. If you don’t find your key in that list, then first add and then assign it.
  2. Assign to an existing cloud server
    At the time of connecting to the cloud server, first of all, you need to tell PuTTY to use it for utilizing your newly created RSA key pair.

The installation of PuTTYgen is very simple as it is installed as a part of normal PuTTY .msi package installation. You can follow the simple steps to download PuTTYgen software for your system. That is the reason why you don’t need to download PuTTYgen separately. Once you download PuTTY software, you will be able to install and run PuTTYgen easily in no time. Below is the complete instruction about how to download and install PuTTY on Windows.

Putty For Mac Alternative

Download PuTTYgen on Windows

The very first requisite is to acquire the copy of PuTTY installation package. If your system is of 64-bit, then you should install a 64-bit version of PuTTY, i.e. putty-64bit-<version>-installer.msi. In case of a 32-bit operating system, you will need to install the 32-bit version of PuTTY, i.e. putty-<version>-installer.msi

Go to PuTTY Installation Download page, where you will find the download link of PuTTY installation package with the exhaustive details of its installation, setup instruction, verifying release signature, various alternatives, many more.

Once the PuTTY installation package is downloaded successfully, now it’s time to install it by starting the installer. Go to How to install PuTTY on Windows where you will find the step by step guidance for PuTTY installation for Windows operation system.

After successfully downloading and installing PuTTY on your Windows machine, you are just 2-3 clicks away to run PuTTYgen. Follow the below-given step by step guidance to run PuTTYgen:

Run PuTTYgen on Windows

1. Go to Windows -> Start Menu -> All Programs -> PuTTY -> PuTTYgen. You will see a window for PuTTY Key Generator on your screen.

That’s it. Now you can generate public or private key pair using PuTTYgen. puttygen

Download PuTTYgen for Mac

You can find the step by step guide to download PuTTYgen for Mac operating system. Command-line SSH client is a part of the Mac operating system. To utilize it, go to Finder and then opt for Go -> utilities from the top menu. After that find the terminal which supports SSH connections to remote servers.

Ported PuTTY for Mac

Mac has the port of PuTTY which can be installed in various ways described as below:

  1. Installation using Homebrew:
    Use the below-given command to install PuTTY in case you have already installed “brew”command.sudo brew install putty
  2. Installation using MacPorts:
    PuTTY is easily available through MacPorts. First of all, install MacPorts and then apply the below-given command.

    sudo port install putty
    Use the below-given command to add the shortcut on the desktop.cp /opt/local/bin/putty ~/Desktop/PuTTY
  3. Alternatives to PuTTY on Mac OSCyberduck, used by many people on Mac OS is the best SSH Client is the ultimate alternative to PuTTY on Mac OS.

Download PuTTYgen for Linux

In order to download PuTTYgen for Linux (Ubuntu) operating system, one required to install PuTTYgen separate from the PuTTY client in case of some Linux distributions.

For example, Debian Linux requires the below-given code to install PuTTYgen:

sudo aptitude install putty-tools

MacPutty for mac alternative software

Putty Alternative Mac Serial

Generate Key Pair for Authentication in Linux

Use the below command to create the key pair for authentication in Linux.

PuTTYgen -t RSA -b 2048 -C “[email protected]” -o keyfile.ppk

Various Command Line Options of PuTTY in Linux

Putty Alternative For Mac

Below is the list of important command line options for PuTTY in Linux operating system.

PuTTYgen [-t keytype [-b bits] [-q] keyfile]
[-C new-comment] [-P]
[-O output-type -p -l -L]
[-o output-file]


  1. Keyfile – It is the name of the existing key file to read at the time of changing the current key.
  2. -t keytype – This command specifies the type of the key to creating. Its acceptable values are RSA and dsa.rsa1.
  3. -b bits – This command specifies a total number of bit in a particular key. 1024 is the perfect size for DSA key, while 2048 or 4096 are the perfect size for RSA keys.
  4. -q – This command suppresses the message about progress at the time of key generation.
  5. -C new-comment – This command is used to specify the comment to describe the key. It can be used for new and/or existing key. Key operation is not affected by comment. However, it is used to recognize the key owner, it’s not reliable completely as any value can be applied to it.
  6. –P – This command is used to update the passphrase of a key. Passphrase helps to encrypt the private key. As passphrase can’t be add or update on command line, it prompts a new passphrase tool to alter it.
  7. –old-passphrase-file – The old password of the key remains in this file. This is used when the key is protected by a passphrase.
  8. –new-passphrase file – This file entails the new passphrase of the key. This command comes in the action either at the time of generating new key or while applying –P command to change the passphrase.
  9. -O output-type – This command defines what to give in output. By default, the private key is the output.

Thus, above are the prominent commands of PuTTYgen in Linux operating system. There are many other commands also available to perform a various task from the command prompt in Linux at flank speed.

Change from Windows to Mac is definitely positive, you can explore new features and a whole new user interface. If you are a manager or owner of a website you surely have heard about Putty. Putty is a famou SSH and a Telnet client that allows you to make secure connections over the Internet without any installation process.

Putty is especially available for Window users due to which they have an advantage over Mac users. But If you’ve just switched to Mac it is going to be very difficult for you to work as you used to do. For people who have never tried Putty on their Windows PC will not be affected by the big change.

To comfort your professional needs we decided to introduce to Putty’s five basic alternatives which only works on Mac. Let’s see which one interests you:-

5 Alternatives to Putty for Mac


Terminal app comes bundled with the Mac. It infact is the most powerful tool for Mac users. Terminal allow you to SSH into remote server provided you have a valid login credentials. To get your server anytime and anywhere users just need to change it to their server with correct credentials.
Terminal allow you to open Multiple windows, it provides full Linux terminal emulation, launch shortcuts. The application is without any advertisements or in app purchases as well. It is one of the best iOS Terminal Emulator.

vSSH Lite

vSSH Lite is a free version of vSSH Premium, it aims at Telnet connection, port forwarding or SSH. Unlike other application vSSH does not create a terminal replacement, it offer you a CLI once you have successfully connected yourself with websites using SSH.
vSSH lite provides you many features for example, public or private key encryption, ability to use username and password for authentication, it works on different iOS devices like iPad, iPhone. vSSH Lite can also create connection with iCloud. For a better use, vSSH Premium is a good option.

iTerm 2

iTerm 2 is an exact replacement of Terminal, in fact it provides you with better features than Terminal. iTerm2 especially includes Plethora which is still no present in many of the SSH applications.
Along with this feature it also includes multiple window option, Annotations for adding notes and comments, instant playback, incredible search option on Safari and Chrome, copy without using mouse and many more to go on with. The working is quite similar to Terminal application but with minor difference which makes your life easier.


Shuttle is not exactly an application, it is a shortcut menu for your SSH server. Shuttle can be utilised to run commands and scripts with just a couple of clicks. Shuttle also comes with a file called Shuttle.json that you can edit anytime you want.
Shuttle very easily adds to your menu bar, you can add entries for your commands and run them easily. It can allow you to command to run custom scripts simply from your menu bar. Isn’t this cool!

Putty Alternative Mac Os


DTerm is a context sensitive command line app that is a great replacement for Terminal application. It can be launched over any Windows you are currently working on , making it easy to give commands within the GUI.
The application supports standard command line autocompletion where by just pressing F5 you can get an autocomplete Window with possible suggestions. It is a nice replacement for Terminal but with less features to notice.

Final Words

Above mentioned apps are alternatives to Putty which can help you to SSH on Mac as well. They work amazingly well on all devices including smartphones and Tablets. For any query or suggestions, feel free to write your comments below. Thank you!

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