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Real Temp For Mac
iskihood, a CPU temperature of 70 to 80ºC is not an issue and common when playing games , rendering video, etc.
The fans, as has been pointed out in another thread of yours, are actually running at 2000 RPM even when the computer is cold. They simply speed up as the CPU temperature rises. Under OSX they are usually running at a substantially increased speed by the time the computer reaches 70 or 80 degrees (though still not flat out). Under bootcamp the 'stepping' may be different, but the temps in the 70 to 80 degree C range you mention are not a problem regardless.
Real Temp For Mac

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Dec 25, 2009 5:48 PM

Real Temp For Mac Catalina

Those temps are well within normal range and it's normal to feel some heat off the back of the iMac. Just make sure to keep the top vents clear from obstruction. Also keep in mind when comparing the iMac to the Mac Pro, the iMac is more like a laptop. It runs Intel's mobile version of the CD2 cpu and logic board. See full list on