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It was followed up by Mac OS 9. Running MacOS 8 requires a supported Motorola 68K or Power PC based Macintosh (see the compatibility matrix), or one of the following emulators: Basilisk II - Runs MacOS 7.x-8.1, emulates later color Motorola 68k based Macs. SheepShaver - Runs MacOS 7.5.2-9.0.4, emulates a Power PC based Macintosh. Emulators » Macintosh / Mac OS X » OpenEmu. File Name: File Size: 41.48 MB System: Multiple Systems Version: Downloads: 606,199 Requires OS X 10.11 or higher. An all-in-one emulator that supports Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Atari Lynx. You may like these Sega Genesis ROMs. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The. OpenEmu is a free, open-source project that can emulate multiple systems on macOS. It’s like an emulation hub for the most popular retro game platforms. The modular emulation program has quickly become the most popular emulation platform for macOS.

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If your Mac OS X computer is having problems reading CDor DVD media, see below to determine the cause of theproblem.

Check your media and hardware

Rom For Mac Os X
  • Determine what kind of drive you have and the media itsupports. For example, a DVD drive is required to read DVDs. Fordetailed information about your system, from the Apple menu, selectAbout This Mac, and then click MoreInfo.... You can also contact your vendor (e.g., contactApple for an internal drive included with your Mac).
  • Make sure you have the correct side facing up. For single-sideddiscs, the label should face up, unless the drive is verticallymounted, in which case the label should be facing toward you. Fordouble-sided DVDs, flip the disc over and see if it willmount.
  • Make sure the disc is correctly placed in the drive.
  • See if the disc is dirty or damaged. The easiest way to do thisis to try it in another computer with a compatible drive. If it's anaudio CD or a video DVD, you might also try it in a CD or DVDplayer. If you suspect your disc is dirty, clean it with a soft, dampcloth. Use water or a dedicated CD/DVD cleaner such as Klear Kloths, and do not touchthe shiny surface with your fingers. If you suspect your CD or DVD isdamaged, repair kits are available from many vendors.
  • Try another disc of the same type in the drive. If you havetrouble with both discs, you may have software problems, or your drivemay need to be cleaned or repaired.

Mac Os X Latest

Rom For Mac Os X

Check your software

Nero Burning Rom For Mac Os X Free Download

  • Check your Finder preferences. With the Finder active,from the Finder menu, selectPreferences.... Click the General icon, andlook under 'Show these items on the Desktop:'. Make sure CDs,DVDs, and iPods is checked. If it isn't, when you insert a CD orDVD, its icon will appear in Finder windows, but not on the desktopitself.
  • If you have difficulty after installing third-party software, youmay need to uninstall it or use an updated version. Contact thevendor of the software for more information.
  • Check Apple's site for updated software, drivers, orfirmware; see ARCHIVED: For Mac OS X, how do I obtain and install system softwareupdates? If youare using a third-party CD or DVD drive, contact the vendor and askabout updates.