Search Mac For Files

Open a Find Window (cmd-f) or do a spotlight search and select 'show all' Hit the little '+' icon (to the right of the 'save' button) Select File Type as a search criteria and select the correct one. With Finder as the active application, choose Find from the File menu. In the Searching 'This Mac' window that brings up, select Kind is Document, then use + to add another condition with Name as the first item. If you choose begins with as the second item, you can find files whose names begin with a particular character, like space. The ends with condition won't find files with the names in. On my Mac, this search produces 171,499 images, and dragging and dropping that many images can cause the system to rainbow-spin for a long time or even lock up. You can probably shave down which. There several ways to find files in OS X, the most popular of which are GUI-based routines such as the Spotlight menu and the Finder search, both of which offer quick access to the system's.


If you want to use a wildcard behavior in Finder :

SearchMacos search

For this example lets say you are searching for all files *_modif*.PNG

How To Search Mac For Files

  1. In the finder search box enter .PNG, press ENTER
  2. Now appears just below the search box a Save button and [+] button
  3. Click the [+] button, then towards your left click on the combo box that says [Kind]
  4. In the [Kind] list select 'Other' at the bottom
  5. Scroll down to 'File extension'
  6. Now type in 'PNG' in the box after the text [File extension] is, then press ENTER
  7. Click the [+] button again
  8. In the [Kind] list select 'Name' (which is the same as Filename if you went into 'Other...'
  9. After the [Name] combo, open the next combo box and select 'contains', then enter _modif and press ENTER

You can now save this search, and apply it to the folder you started from or the entire Mac

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Note most wildcard behaviors can be obtained by selecting the other options from the same place you selected 'contains', ie 'begins with'...