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The included Pro Pen 2 is amazing, however a little big for my small hand, so I bought the slim pen for further improvement. The tablet can actually recognize which pen you are using and allows for separate profiles for each pen. The base for the Pro Pen 2 was almost impossible to open to get to the replacement nibs. If you've recently updated your Mac OS, from Mojave 10.14, to Catalina 10.15, you might be having some issues with your tablet either not connecting or Pen issues.Usually whenever a new OS comes out, it can take some time to mesh with Wacom’s Drivers, as each is being updated proceeding the launch.

Tablet And Pen For Mac Os 10.13


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Tablet And Pen For Mac Os

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I am unable to help with the driver itself, but all you need to do with a DMG file is to double-click with it on the desktop and it will open into a virtual disk. What is inside that disk will determine how you handle the installation next.
A package (the icon looks like a parcel) is itself double-clicked and the software installs itself. An application in the virtual disk is dragged to the suggested location (as per the README file), usually the Applications folder.
When you see the application itself, highlight it then press  + i. The panel that opens will indicate if it is a PowerPC application or a Universal binary.

Oct 29, 2006 3:02 AM