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If you’ve been frustrated with the search for good translation software for the Mac, you’re not alone. With the fast expansion of the internet across the world, the demand for a translation program has increased dramatically.

Systran, the world leader in translation software had been planning to produce a Mac compatible translator but due to developing a new translation engine last year, the only Mac translator they had time to release was the Systran Widget translator. Apple included the Systran Widget on every new computer, it was great but it only allowed small sections of text to be translated at a time.

Skype Translator is available on devices with Windows 7 and above, as well as Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and Linux operating systems. For additional information on Skype, including details on how to get started, tips for calling and messaging, troubleshooting, privacy and security, and so. There are several free apps there. You may have to copy and paste from PowerPoint to the translator app. For macOS, open PowerPoint, then choose InsertAdd-insStore from the MacOS menu bar or InsertStore from the PowerPoint Ribbon. Search on translate. There are 4 free Add-ins available, see which one is best for you.


One thing was learned from the launch of this new product, even Systran was not prepared for the over whelming response from Apple users, servers were overloaded with the demand. This proved Mac users wanted a translator for the mac.

Systran Translation Software on Mac Computers

MacLinguist Pop-up Translator enables macOS users to translate any text on the screen, from any application and any language, and paste the translation results right back into the currently active application. It is deeply integrated into the operating system and works seamlessly. The ultimate translation tool for Mac OS X List of key features: Translation of incoming and outgoing messages, learning mode, transliteration, filtering, status dashboard. Text to speech with variety of web based voices. Greetings to all your friends. Fun&Art Message will make you smile. Talk Robot will be your replacement with artificial. A translator app for Mac that you'll actually love. Deeply integrated with Safari and macOS. Sits in the menu bar. Lets you translate selected text in PDFs and all.

Thanks to Apple building the latest Mac computers with the Intel chip, which allows Mac to run Windows applications, Systran can now be installed in a Windows enviroment. No longer is there a need for a separate translator for the Mac OS X. You can check to see if your computer has this capability but all computers shipped with Mac OS 10 Snow Leopard includes Boot Camp, a software that lets you dual boot into Microsoft Windows .

Instantly Convert Foreign Languages

Translator For Microsoft Edge Exe

Once you have the dual boot system on your computer, you can take full advantage of Systran translation software for Mac computers and laptops. This will allow you to translate a variety of documents from Microsoft Office.

Google Translator For Macos


Translator For Microsoft Mail

  • MS Word Documents
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Outlook Emails
  • PDF Files
  • Web Pages

No longer hindered by the Mac vs. PC question, you can use Systran translation software to help you communicate with people all over the world.

Darling is a translation layer that lets you run macOS software on Linux

  • Fast

    Darling runs macOS software directly without using a hardware emulator.

  • Free

    Like Linux, Darling is free and open-source software.
    It is developed openly on GitHub and distributed under the GNU GPL license version 3.

  • Compatible

    Darling implements a complete Darwin environment. Mach, dyld, launchd — everything you'd expect.

  • Easy to use

    Darling does most of the setup for you. Sit back and enjoy using your favorite software.

  • Native

    We aim to fully integrate apps running under Darling into the Linux desktop experience by making them look, feel and behave just like native Linux apps.

  • That sounds a lot like Wine

    And it is! Wine lets you run Windows software on Linux, and Darling does the same for macOS software. Another similar project is Anbox, for Android apps.

  • Does it support GUI apps?

    Almost! This took us a lot of time and effort, but we finally have basic experimental support for running simple graphical applications. It requires some special setup for now though, so do not expect it to work out of the box just yet. We're working on this; stay tuned!

  • Does it violate Apple's EULA?

    No! We only directly use those parts of Darwin that are released as fully free software.

  • Does the name Darling mean anything?

    The name Darling is a combination of “Darwin” and “Linux”. Darwin is the core operating system macOS and iOS are based on.

  • Can I run Darling on Windows using WSL?

    Unfortunately, no. Darling requires a real Linux kernel to run. See this issue for more details.

  • Do you know about, GNUstep, The Cocotron and other projects?

    We do, and in fact, Darling is largely based on the original Darwin source code published by Apple. We use The Cocotron as a basis for our Cocoa implementation, along with the Apportable Foundation and various bits of GNUstep.

  • Do you have plans for supporting iOS apps?

    Yes, in the long run, we'd like to be able to run iOS apps on ARM devices (like most Android phones). A significant challenge here would be to write our own implementation of UIKit. Come talk to us if you're interested in working on this!

  • How do I contribute?

    Start by reading the documentation and our blog to get familiar with Darling internals. Then, come and join us on GitHub. It's great if you have experience in developing for macOS or iOS, but it's absolutely not required to start contributing.